A good year – 2018 – day 183

Woke up to another glorious day. 

Got ready and set off for the morning walk, with the plan to walk to the Jimna Fire Tower by tracks to the west of the Kilcoy-Murgon Road. Initially followed the same track to a track leading off to the right. This track descended a fair way until a track going uphill on the right was located. This rack was followed until it was realised that it would take us back to where we started, and not far enough along the range. So a descent was made and the original track was found and turned right.

After a short distance t was up another track to the right to once again discover that this track was also ascending to the wrong area. So once again descent was made. 

On the third track, this was more promising, so it was followed and as it ascended seemed to be going in the right direction. The further we ascended, the more promising it looked until the lantana became a seemingly impenetrable wall. We pushed through it and came to the base of the fire tower. After a rest we then walked back to the camp, packed up and headed home.

Once home, I unpacked and was notified that the NBN modem had turned itself off and wouldn’t turn back on.  I said I would contact TPG the next day, so put up without it until it is sorted.

I then readied myself for the next session of the Diabetic Health Clinic.  This session was intense as it explored the effects of insulin, leptin, glucose, glucagon, and glycogen and their interactions and effects on metabolism. I came away with better knowledge about this than I have ever done before. 

From this session, it was homework that for five days do pre-meal and post-meal BGL tests and record them.

Went home and then went to bed.

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