A good year – 2018 – day 182

Woke early with anticipation as it was going to be a great walk today in an area never been before. 

While gathering the group. a young lad turned up selling pumpkins, two were bought and then he asked if we needed firewood. We said yes and he left. A short time later he came back with wheelbarrow and the bag of firewood. Once paid, he asked for a little extra for “cartage”. A great entrepreneur. He then said he would be back later in case we needed other things.

So we went on our walk. The first part was to walk through the old Forestry Station to the Kilcoy-Murgon Road. We headed towards Kilcoy for about 1 km before turning right onto a forestry track. The track was followed as it descended from the Jimna Range into the Monsildale Valley. The walk passed through virgin rainforest, hoop pine plantations and pockets with bunya pines. The views extended over rolling hills and occasionally gave a vista of the Jimna Fire Tower.

Eventually, we came to the junction of 1 1/4 Mile Road and Fire Road A. We decided to follow Fire Road A to the left with a view to gain the ridge off to our left. After a while on this track, it peters out in a gully, and so we decided to ascend the hill to the crest of the ridge. The only obstacle in this area is, of course, lantana, which slowed our progress.

Once broken through, came upon a lovely wide road and timber milling operations across the road. We turned right and followed the road through a lovely patch of rainforest, before descending to the creek on the western boundary of the state forest land. The road entered the property and once at the bottom, another road was followed back to the direction we needed. After a while we found out we were on Fire Road A. We knew this would take its back to camp. 

On arrival at camp, had a shower and settled down for fivesies and later dinner. 

After catching up on emails, went to bed and slept soundly.

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