A good day – 2018 – day 175

Aah Sunday, time to go on a training walk

Left home at 7.30 am and drove to Raven Street Reserve, Rode Road, McDowall.

Waited for the rest of the walkers and once arrived set off and first followed the track in to the reserve to the Creek Track. Turned right and then followed the Creek Track to a platform looking over Downfall Creek with some lovely sculptures.  From there followed the track to the Kinnerton Street exit and the fruit bat colony.

Returned along the bikeway to the Xanthorrhoea Track and followed it to the Fire Trail. Turned right onto the Fire Trail and after a short walk, turned left onto a track leading up to the Green Bridge over Hamilton Road. Crossed the Green Bridge and slugged up the hill to get to the summit of Milne Hill.  The perfect winters day led to perfect views across the northern part of Brisbane, from the Mountains to the Mangroves and Bay Islands.

From there a steep descent led to the Milne Hill Trail.

A left turn and the track descended to the bike track along Stringybark Drive beside Cabbage Tree Creek. The bike track led to the entrance of Chermside Hills Reserve. A notice was there about the proposal to reduce the Reserve from 45ha to 9 ha this was noted and on the walk went.

Over the bridge on Cabbage Tree Creek, and turn left on to the Giwadha Track was followed parallel to Hamilton Road, before an ascent on a right veer and through extensive natural bush to near houses before turning right and continuing on Giwadha Track towards Spider Hill. Upon approach to Spider Hill the direct route was chosen straight to the summit.

A break was taken at the summit before the Stringy Bark Trail was followed to Trouts Road. Crossing Trouts Road, a bikeway was followed onto Roebig Street, which was then followed to a roundabout. The walk went straight ahead onto Steffen Place and at its end, met the Cabbage Tree Creek Bikeway. This was followed to Martindale Street and the bridge over Cabbage Creek and then continued to Milne Hill Trail. The Milne Hill Trail was then followed around Milne Hill to the Hamilton Road Green Bridge which was then crossed and the track followed to the Raven Street. A left turn at the bottom of the stairs and the track was followed to the Banksia Track.

A right turn at the Banksia Track and the walk met the bikeway  with a left turn to the next intersection and a right turn back to the car park.

A great walk and distance of 8.4 km in 2.0 hours.


Then returned home and had a rest before going off to week 2 of the Diabetic Health Clinic,

The Diabetic Health Clinic talked about the role of Fatty Acid Synthase (FAS) and Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) and the roles they play in the bloodstream. The nitric oxide aids lubrication of the blood vessels and is produced by the endothelial cells.

Glucose interferes with this mechanism.

The workbook for the week was to record weight and pulse first thing in the morning between visiting the smallest room in the house and having a shower so no clothes are on.

Once home, prepared the clothes for the next day, did some Bible study and went to bed.


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