A good year – 2018 – day 172

Woke early, and made the most of it.  Time for Bible Study to start the day. Ths was great and set me in a calm and relaxed mood to get ready and go to work.

On the way into work, was hit with a sudden idea. I have the Olive Tree Bible installed on my Macbook, I have good word processor in Apple Pages, why not combine these with my NIV Bible and copy and paste the passages and refer to the NIV for cross-references and copy and paste those to create an awesome document that can be printed and kept for later reference.

Good day at work followed and the lunchtime walk with WLB led to a deep and educational talk about Christianity and the path I had evolved to.  Was feeling so happy.

When I arrived home proceeded to convert the written passages to electronic versions and was so happy with the result. With that feeling, went to bed.

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