A good year – 2018 – day 168

Mt Mee 6k MapMt Mee 6k ProfileBushwalk day, yay!

Packed the backpack, dressed in my favourite clothes and headed off to Mount Mee.

Arrived just before 8.30 and set up to wait for the rest to arrive. The crowd gradually trickled in and there was a group of 25 to go on the walk. The walk went down Sellin Road from the Gantry Day Use area to the first track on the right which was followed and taking the right turn to get off the Western Escarpment Forest Drive onto K Break. K Break is followed by taking the right turns at the intersection and returning to Gantry Day Use Area. A walk of 6.5 km.

After that, a nice morning tea was laid out and much fun was talked about the walk and other topics. I brought up the subject of forming a base level bushwalking club and there was much interest. need to pursue this space.

From there went home and ran the mower around the backyard, then changed and got ready for the next item.

I left home and drove to Redcliffe Seventh-Day Adventist Church for the Diabetic Health Clinic. This clinic is a twelve-week program to change the lifestyle and help reduce diabetes or better manage the condition. The session went for two hours and requires commitment every Sunday night for two hours plus an on line workbook to assist the lifestyle change. This looks interesting. Have to see if I can make in four weeks.  Will consult next week.

After the night, went home and set up to go to work in the morning. 

Went to sleep and then woke up with a sudden gagging, I had belched in my sleep and the backflow was choking me. Got up and had a drink and then went back to bed. Fell asleep and the same thing happened. This was going to be a long night.

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