A good year – 2018 – day 161



Woke to a beautiful day. Moved my office out to the back verandah and then went and surveyed the back gardens for where to plant the new acquisitions.  

My work shoes get brought home every Friday, to wear them to church on Saturday, and then take them back to work on a Monday. This is due to me commuting in bushwalking shoes that are more resilient to the 2 kilometres commute between work and the train station each way each day. 

As a result, I ducked into the shops at North Lakes as early as possible to get the shoes and what a quick trip! Only the majors were open, so there was not many people shopping. Made my trip worthwhile. I then went to see if I needed other things for planting out. I returned home and got stuck into the garden.

First, the weeds had to be removed from about 50% of the garden due to time constraints in looking after it, but with a bit of assistance from my eldest daughter, this task was done quicker than expected. Then spots were identified for the plants and all were planted out and I hope in good locations. There is a range of sunshine and shade positions so I can see where the plants thrive the best and if they die, get an understanding of the ideal plats for the location. The soil luckily is a deep humus so that is not a worry.

Once planted and watered, I was quite pleased with the result and I prayed that I had made the right decision as to their placement.  The rest of the day was spent catching up on things, updating databases, and the like as things ramp up with plans coming to fruition.

I read the Sabbath School app for the day and started to do some study into it. I decided to write out the verses in the three versions of the Bible I have, the NIV, NCV and GNV. After a couple of hours, I was surprised at the twists and turns I had taken in understanding those passages. I am getting back into the groove when I was a youth leader at my old church.

Once I had started to fall asleep, I succumbed and climbed into bed. I was exhausted from the gardening, and the mind was weary from the study.

Me, however, am at peace after all these years.  I am definitely doing something right.

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