A good year – 2018 – day 160

Aah… Saturday… And I am going to CABSDA (Caboolture Seventh-Day Adventist Church) (www.cabsda.org). Woke after a bit of a lie in and got ready and headed off at 8.50 am, arriving at Church at 9.10 am. Went in and met the people from the previous week. This church suits me and my lifestyle. My drive to get back into proper Christianity is nearing completion, then I can start seeing the world the way I used to.

The first thing was Sabbath School and the discussion about the End of Time. I ventured some thoughts and joined in. I am home!!!

After Sabbath School, and a break, it was into the main service with it being women’s day, the Pastor’s wife took the service. Her sermon was the parallel of her life with Adam and Eve and another fictitious story which all made sense. Seems I am on a parallel path too. 

Once the service was over there was a free lunch, but I had to depart for my next item, Bushcare. 

I went home and changed into gardening clothes and gumboots in case it was wet underfoot, and then made my way to the site.  On arrival, was greeted by the Bushcare Officer and a couple of other volunteers and the proceeded to remove some of the exotics from the site – Balsam-pear, broad-leaved pepper, and guinea grass. As we ventured further in we could see the major impact we had done with a lot more endemic species taking hold!!

Once the Bushcare was over, was presented with a badge and some plants to take home to plant out – Hovea, Brachysome, and Dianella. I am in heaven and humbled for being recognised.


Went home and showed the family the achievements and then decided to plant out the next day. Then caught up on my social life tasks and then on to bed, content in the fact of my achievements.

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