A good year – 2018 – day 158

Woke up early with a sling in my step. All my woes over the last couple of months have been laid out before me I have mentioned it before, but I have now seen its far-reaching impacts – loneliness.

I became very talkative at work, zeroing on one person. This was disruptive to all around this person, and I was feeling left out from the rejection.

At home. my work day consisted of being the first one out of the door before the rest of the family had awoken. I would then come back home at about 7.00 pm and sit down at my laptop as everyone else was busy doing their thing.

After dinner, which sometimes would be about 10.00pm, I would climb into bed and start over again for the next work day.

On a Wednesday, I work from home. This usually means that the dishes and laundry are caught up, while my wife and eldest daughter make their way to RBWH for my eldest daughter’s psychiatrist appointment, and my other two daughters are at school. 

Once they are all home, they make beelines for their bedrooms and my wife falls asleep on the couch in the lounge room.  I usually finish the dishes in time for them all to be dirtied again.  I have been brought up in a dishwasher free house so not interested in having one myself.

So dinner usually occurs late at night.

Weekends, I rise early on Saturday to get ready to go to church and depending on the program, may go to either Caboolture, Logan Reserve, or Kingscliff Seventh-Day Adventist Churches. When I go to the Logan Reserve or Kingscliff, I catch a train to be picked up in Beenleigh and then driven there.

Once I get home, it is the same as every day except some of the kids may be invited to sleepovers etc. But my wife just languishes in the lounge room. Till it is time for dinner then have it and back to the lounge room. 

On Sunday, it is my time to fully rest and as I am an early person anyway, I get into the garden and do the usual maintenance.

Anyway, back to this day…

I went around and spoke to the impacted people and received an offer for my wife to speak to someone. Let’s see if this works. 

Had a few meetings at work, then it was time to go home. 

At home, the usual weeknight was in store.

Psalm 38:9 – “O Lord, all my longing is before you; my sighing is not hidden from you.

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