A good year – 2018 – day 153

After a good night’s sleep got ready for the day by going to Caboolture Seventh Day Adventist Church (aka CABSDA) (www.cabsda.org and cabooltureadventist). Upon arrival, I was greeted by the Greeter and met a few of the people. A Deaconess, Joy, met me and said to sit with her and her husband, Eric, an Elder of the church. So in I went and after a preliminary, we broke up into study groups for Sabbath School. This went for an hour looking at the week’s teachings on the “End of Time” and the “Great Deception”.

After Sabbath School, a half-hour break was taken and I was given a bunch of flowers to take home.


It was then time for the Service. This service was conducted by the Elders, Deacons and Deaconesses and progressed to the Holy Communion and the Ordinance of feet washing. Joy said to me that I was to be paired with Eric at the Men’s group, while she went to the single womens group. So Eric and I went and joined 10 other men and I sat down and Eric washed my feet. The water was lovely and warm. Good as it was cold outside. Once I was done, I got down on the floor after collecting a basin of warm water and proceeded to wash the feet of Eric.

Once over it was back to the main hall and take the Communion, then the service was over. 

So, into the car and drive home. I had lunch, and then proceeded to fix the 100km participants guide for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ. This needs major surgery as I had lost the original document to work and then convert to pdf.  Oh well!! knuckle down and see how it goes. 

After a while I received a few phone calls which diverted me from the task at hand, but were important for other organisations I am part of. This took longer than anticipated, so I was worn out, so packed up and went to bed to tackle this in the morning.

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