A good year – 2018 – day 152

Slept in slightly, and then got prepared for the drive across to Pine Mountain for the BVRT Trek4DQ. The drive took an extra 20 minutes, being on the back of peak hour, and arrived at The Cricket Pitch, Pine Mountain Road, Pine Mountain, just in time. Met Tanya Smith, President of Friends of Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Inc., Lauren Anderson, of Diabetes Qld, and Jim Madden, State Member for Ipswich West.

The venue is the endpoint for the 100km, 25km, and 15km walks on the 15th July 2018.  [Email bvrt.trek.4.dq@gmail.com if interested] From today the full registration price is to be paid.

So after a discussion about the proceedings of the event, plus the support garnered, a survey of the park was conducted and photos for publicity etc. taken. Then we adjourned and went our separate ways.  I then drove home and prepared for the presentation at Diabetes Queensland.  

Having collected my backpack, PLB, UHF radio, maps, walk info and other items, drove to Rothwell Station and caught the train to Milton. Once at Milton, it was a short walk to Diabetes Qld. On arrival, met walkers from the previous year’s Great Ocean Walk 2017. After greetings and a snack and drink, I gave my presentation about the Great Ocean Walk and the equipment carried. This was videoed for those not present, and the one 2018 trekker present took it all in. 

Then it was time to be awarded our Certificates of Completion of the GORW2017, and new Diabetes Queensland t-shirts. I am impressed.


Once these proceedings were completed it was a short drive over to Arrivederci Pizzeria in Milton. The group then settled down to fun and conversation about the walk and what has been accomplished since the trek. Some had done parts of the Camino de Santiago, been to New Zealand and the like.  Good to see I had been a catalyst for their inspirations.

After dinner was over, it was time to break up and head home.  A great night!

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