A good year – 2018 – day 149

A good nights sleep. Now I can think straight.  

On the way in the train, had a sudden thought about things happening around me. Is it the fact that my decision in thing my life in a different direction has upset some? I know this new direction is building up for me to have a good year, which is the aim of this blog. I pondered this for a while in the train and started to put a prayer together to reflect my thanks for the guidance and the strength to overcome to negativeness and deception which is also building! 

At work and another day of a great variety of tasks. Noticed it was National Reconciliation Week, and suggested the Acknowledgement of Country should be the opening for all our meetings. A couple of meetings during the day, and then it was time to head home. 

This time walked with WLB and her BF to South Bank Station and then while making my way home found out there were to be no trains on my line over the weekend. I had already resolved to visit the Caboolture Seventh Day Adventist Church on Saturday, so this is fitting in well. 

At home, more applications played up with access issues and took most of the night to sort. 

After a great day, and a successful night, hit the bed.

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