A good year – 2018 – day 147

A day at home. Time to catch up on things.  

After breakfast, I moved my office outside under the back pergola and moved the budgies there as well. 

The first order of business was to sort out the SQL training. After a bit of work had the practice tables set up and worked my way through the training book. I discovered the basis of this SQL is Oracle flavour, which is a different flavour to that at work being Microsoft SQL. Oh well, best of both worlds is the go…

I also looked at a Bible Study app. by Olive Tree that allows highlighting, taking notes etc. It is also compatible with the MacBook and iPhone. I worked through the texts from the previous day and made annotations. This is better than writing notes in the Bible!

Having sorted out the SQL database, I am confident I have now found a database to record details for the BVRT Trek 4 DQ. Next task is to import the details as to date and then enhance it.

During this, heavy showers passed through, and I had washing to hang out and also some gardening to do. Managed to get these done between showers and get the washing dry.

I also had to go and buy myself shampoo, and get my second daughter’s assignment printed, so I went out and completed those tasks, and then back to it. As the sun went down, the washing was dry, so I started to iron the clothes for the week. Once the ironing was finished, continued on my chores for the day.  

It was getting cool so moved indoors at which the request came out to go and get Chinese for dinner. So off I went and came back with dinner and had a hearty meal. I then sat down for a quiet night and watched a bit of TV including the story of the “Monster of Florence”, and intriguing story of police getting their man.

Then it was time for bed. ZZZZZZZZ!!

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