A good year – 2018 – day 146

Yay. Saturday.


Up early to get the early train to Beenleigh. Walked the 35 minutes to Rothwell Station, and it was chilly. Arrived at Rothwell and caught the train. The 50-minute ride into the city went quite fast as I battled the games on my phone. Some wins and some losses. At Central had a 20-minute wait for the Gold Coast train and express to Beenleigh. After about 45 minutes in that train, arrived in Beenleigh. Then it was a 30-minute walk to the house of WLB and WLB’s parents. 

Then once WLB’s BF arrived, it was time to head off to Logan Reserve SDA Church. 

The format for this day was changed from the usual which became apparent as the morning progressed. The main theme of the service was the Health Laws as per the Bible and then led onto the diet adhered by Seventh-Day Adventists.  I am nearly on this diet now as I only eat meat and dairy, in the form of fish for lunch, sometimes yoghurt for afternoon tea, and a meat and salad for dinner, or a pasta meal with a small amount of meat. I snack on fruit and nuts, with sweets on hand in case my blood sugar drops. Maybe I should follow the vegetarian diet for a while and see how my health pans out. 

During the service, a baptism was conducted, with the person being baptised being through a parallel to me. Previous Christian, then work commitments etc. pulled him away from the church. Then he felt a calling to return and tried out a variety of faiths and denominations, including Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Baptists, and Uniting Church. He finally found what he needed in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

After the service, it was time for haystacks for lunch, a mixture of vegetarian dishes, and quite good to eat. 

Once lunch was finished I was dropped off at Beenleigh Station and made my way home. 

Once home, I relaxed and thought about the day, plus did more study.

Then it was time to go to bed as my yawning was quite intense.

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