A good year – 2018 – day 145

Last day of the working week.  

The day started off as usual. Then a bit of a commotion at work.  Investigation showed it was an evacuation drill. Poorly triggered by the security. I took up my post and grabbed the sign. Once the group was off the floor, via the fire stairs, [all 19 floors!] and at the muster area, we stood around for a while before the whole building was evacuated. The call then went out to return to the building. We made it back to start lunch.  My WLB who was also part of the emergency team. and only recently appointed, did a sterling job, with no real training.

Once lunch was over, it was time to go back to work. And back into it was right, a few matters came in and I cleared them quickly and efficiently.

Then it was time to go home. Walking with my WLB, and talking all matter of things, mainly in preparation for the next day and which church to attend the next day. 

We parted company at South Bank Station and I worked my way home – 2 trains and a bus.

At home, I researched about the SQLite installation and found the SQLLite Studio to download. Once this was downloaded I was in familiar territory to that at work, albeit being MS SQL Management Studio there!

I started working on my SQL training and it fell into place.

Before I knew it, it was time to go to bed. 

The end of a great day.

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