A good year – 2018 – day 144

Today was the day to progress the decision from the day before. I was expecting this to be difficult, but it is needed. Arrived at work, and was full of apprehension. Will the plan fall apart? 

Worked my way through the day as ad hoc tasks arose and were dealt with. 

I went to email scamming training, which highlighted the strategies the unscrupulous among us are using to steal money from us. I am sure that if the intelligence of these particular people was put to good use the world would be a whole lot better!

After this training, it dawned on me. I get up each morning, and I am alone. My tasks are autonomous so work alone. I travel an hour to and from work each day, alone. I get home and my wife and family are absorbed in their technology. I feel so alone, even at home. I go to bed early to get a good nights sleep. Alone in bed!

The loneliness is what has been driving me to do what I have been doing. I am in continual need to have people around me.

I felt so much better to get the seat of my anxiety and now to work on a way forward. 

I went for the lunchtime walk and it was really refreshing! Things are picking up!

Headed home from work and decide it was high time to put SQL on the MacBook and have a play. Downloaded the software and nothing happened. 

Gave up and went to bed.

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