A good year – 2018 – day 142

Woke early again! Still managed 5 hours of sleep.

Another work day, and worked through it quite well except for a slight indiscretion, which has been my fault all along. All my life, I have always imparted information as soon as I find out about it. This worked well for me in the previous two buildings I was in because the pods absorbed the noise from talking. I have also been dealt a loud voice, which carries quite well. 

Move into our new office space, and it is open plan, and noise carries. So after 15 years in a closed office environment, I have to adapt to the new environment, and after 12 months it is still a battle. This has been exacerbated by a new person at work, who I get along really well with and a pleasure to work with. But, it is disruptive!!  

Anyway after work, walking together we talked about the situation and that we will have to not talk to each other in the office. 

I contemplated on this once we parted ways at South Bank Station and was feeling very remorseful about the situation getting to this. I turned to God and prayed for help in getting me through this, and prayed for WLB as well that it won’t affect her and our friendship. 

I thought about this all the way home.

Once I arrived home, there was a package for me, the NBN 1Gbit wireless router! Yahoo!

Then it was time for a quick feed and get ready for the Bushwalking Australia Teleconference.  

The teleconference went well with a lot of issues discussed. Seems an evolution is happening.

After a review of the day and complete this blog, it was time for bed.

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