A good year – 2018 – day 141

Woke after 7 hours to feel totally refreshed and ready to tackle the day. 

Once ready and off to catch the bus, I was in full anticipation for the trip to Ipswich to view an old piece of rail infrastructure of the Brisbane Valley Rail where it used to cross the Warrego Highway at a level crossing.  

After two hours in the trains arrived in Ipswich and then was driven to the area and walked sections of the BVRT to identify features. Once identified, then it was time to visit a property, privately owned, through which the rail used to run.  Some infrastructure including an original culvert was found plus the remnant alignment of the line.  It was also believed that the actual level crossing had been found.

Once viewing was completed, it was time to depart and make my way back to work for the afternoon.

After a hectic afternoon, it was time to go home and joined my WLB for the walk to South Bank Station and then head home on the trains, as usual.

At home sorted emails and social media and went to bed.

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