A good year – 2018 – day 140

After a good nights sleep woke to get ready for the bushwalk.

Packed the backpack and a filled the water container and put the lunch together. The weather was perfect for a bushwalk. The morning was not too cool but was wary of what it would be like on Mount Mee.

Was picked up about 7.45 and drove to The Gantry Day Use area, D’Aguilar National Park – Mount Mee section. Upon arrival received a text that one of the group had a flat tyre and would be delayed while going back to get the other car. 

Waited till 9.25 and all coming were present and we headed off at 9.30 am. The walk started at the same entrance as the Piccabeen walk, but soon diverged to the right and entered a lovely section of rainforest and descended gradually to a lovely gully and then ascended gradually to the circuit junction. This time a left turn was made to go clockwise around the circuit and the track descended on a long descent as it meandered to the western escarpment and initially the edge of the Mt Byron Creek valley. The track the paralleled this edge and descended to a lovely waterhole in the creek before ascending steeply to the ridge top and then continued to ascend to Somerset Lookout. 


At Somerset Lookout, great views were afforded over the Brisbane Valley to the Bunya Mountains, Tarong Power Station and Toowoomba. The air was smoky but did not distract from the view. 

After morning tea, set off and followed the track back to the car park, as it meandered around ridges, through pretty gullies and palm glades, before at crossing no. 2 entering the hoop pine plantation. The walk then descended to a gully, which was the lowest point on the walk and then ascended steeply to the ridge tops of the junction and then back to the car park. 12.9 km walk and very scenic for this time of year.


After the walk had lunch and then went home. Once home, the car was still out as Sue had gone to her Mum’s. I set up my office outside on the back patio and caught up on emails etc. and then started weeding the garden. I got a fair bit done when Sue arrived home and continued till it was too dark and cold to work further. Moved inside as daughter no. 2 informed me that she was going to the movies with her friend. 

So took daughter no. 2 to the movies and then relaxed for the night in anticipation of having to collect daughter no. 2 later.

I decided in the interim to check out the local Seventh-Day Adventist Church and found CABSDA on the web. They meet on the Sabbath for the mornings only with other events held during the week. Might have to look into this.  I also found the 28 Fundamentals of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  Interesting read.

After collecting daughter no. 2 it was time for bed and a good rest.

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