A good year – 2018 – day 139

Rose really early again!

Got ready and then walked the 3.4 km in 39 minutes to Rothwell Station. The train is only going to Bowen Hills? Huh! Check of the Translink app, and no trains between Albion on the Caboolture line; Bowen Hills for the Airport, Ferny Grove and Redcliffe lines; Corinda for the Ipswich and Springfield lines; Murrarie for the Cleveland line; and Yeerongpilly on the Beenleigh and Gold Coast lines. So a bus ride from Bowen Hills to Yeerongpilly was the route for my travel. How long will this take?  Is this another test? 

The train arrived at 5.50 am and upon arrival at Bowen Hills, walked out to Abbotsford Road and the bus to Yeerongpilly was not there. Waited for about 10 minutes and then it arrived. Boarded the bus and then went all stations to Yeerongpilly via the busways. I saw parts of Brisbane I had never seen before! 

On arrival at Yeerongpilly, the Gold Coast express was waiting and a short time later departed. I arrived in Beenleigh 40 minutes later than I planned, so not bad! From Beenleigh station I walked out along Alamein Street to the bikeway over the Pacific Motorway into Eagleby, then wended my way along the Beenleigh Cemetery, viewing some magnificent moments before coming out on River Hills Drive. A right-hand dogleg and I was on Swallow Street, and a short time later arrived at the home of WLB and her family, and her boyfriend was there as well.25 minutes walk from the station – not bad!

So shortly after we departed for Logan Reserve SDA church to be in time for the Bible study group session.  The topic was the rounding off of the week’s study on Matthew 24 and 25. 

Then it was into the sermon and Pastor Geoffrey Youlden took proceedings. This pastor is a funny person and made the sermon enjoyable.

After the sermon, it was time for lunch, which was provided by WLBs family and much loved and appreciated. 

After lunch and a good discussion about many topics, it was time for the afternoon lecture series. This series covered two topics: The Fatal Mistake about the divergence of churches from the Truth, due to the appeasing of the congregation, and “market forces”. It is noticed that some churches would rather re-interpret their doctrines to keep and increase their congregations rather than their main role of discipleship, stewardship and the spread of the Truth.

After the afternoon session, I was taken to the station to return home. This would be interesting! How does a Saturday evening fare with rail closures? 

So I caught the 6.41 pm train to Yeerongpilly and discovered I had left my jacket behind. Ay Yerrongpilly, I transferred to the bus. A number of drunk persons came on the bus and were rowdy all the way to Fortitude Valley before they alighted. The bus arrived at Bowen Hills Station and then had to wait 20 minutes for my train. 

Arrived home at 9.10pm in time for the Royal Wedding between Meghan and Harry, and watched that for a while before going to bed, and fell asleep quickly.

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