A good year – 2018 – day 137

Woke earlier than expected, but didn’t feel tired. 

Plenty of time though to get ready, have breakfast etc., but forgot the time and missed the bus. Got my wife to drive me to the station, to catch the train.  Once on the train, snuggled in and napped all the way in. Out of the train and 12 minutes later arrived at work.

At work a normal day included training. 

Lunchtime and my WLB and I headed off to the botanic gardens for lunch. A couple of swamp hens decided to join us and then more. After lunch, back to work, and put in a good afternoon and before I knew it it was time to leave. 

Received a text from my wife, “Dam you mr dale you have my bank card.” I replied with “Well you will have to pick me up from the station then.” Reply: “Mmmm yes”….

Had a rush to South Bank Station as WLB wanted to see if she could catch the train that her boyfriend was on. As we neared the station a simple text that he was already on the train. So I waited for her train and then changed platforms for my train. A Roma Street, I alighted with the aim to catch the 5.15 train. As a bolted down the steps I saw the next train was due in 2 minutes.  So a quick run up the steps and the train was arriving at the station.

Arrived at Rothwell and met my wife. Then we went shopping at Aldi to get the needed shopping which she could now get with the card.

Went home and dinner then settled for a night in and went to bed. 

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