A good year – 2018 – day 134

Started the day quite relaxed, even though I was up at 3.30 am, and was able to walk out the door early. Caught the bus and then the train and caught up on much-needed sleep. Arrived at work and my WLB was already there, having caught the earlier train. Some mornings, I wish I could get in earlier than current, but I am catching the first bus of the morning. Might have to invest in a bicycle or moped. 

At work, made my way through the day catching up on developments over the weekend and dealing with those. 

At lunch, went for the customary walk, with WLB, into the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and found a nice seat and talked about all things spiritual and how much I enjoyed being welcomed into her home. 

Left work a little earlier than normal. WLB stuck to her guns and was ready in five minutes! Unbelievable!

Walked to South Bank Station and then caught a train to Roma Street, to change over to my train home. As the train approached Virginia Station, I received an SMS from wife, asking what time I would get to Rothwell Station. I replied that I was going through Virginia and would be there about 6.00pm.

Then another message from her, “Thinking of getting hot dogs as they are easy to clean up after.” I noticed that the message had not been sent. Where did I send the message? I replied anyway, “OK”, and then received an SMS, “What time?”. I saw that the conversation was only her side. I sent a reply, “6.00”, and noticed this time it was added to the phone conversation with my wife.

Then my phone rang, I was calling me…Huh? After I rejected the call, I started putting two and two together. I had inadvertently sent the replies to Voicemail, and I assume it was replying in response.  Ha! That is very funny! Can’t wait to tell people of this minor transgression. Then the thought for the rest of the way home was, “What defines a sin?”  Food for thought.

After being picked up and then shopping for the dinner items arrived home and told my family the SMS saga.  I have not laughed so much for such a long time that the rest of the night had me in giggles. 

I helped with cleaning up the house due to the rental inspection due the next day and then went to bed.

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