A good year – 2018 – day 133

Mother’s Day

Had a great sleep rising at 9.30am. A lot on the agenda today as it is inspection time in two days.

Had breakfast and then put the first load of washing on. Then went outside and proceeded to rewire the clothesline. Some clothes had been holed by loose wiping, so it was time to replace the wire.

Starting on the inside lines, I replaced two wires when it was time to hang out the first load. Hung it out on the yet to be replaced wires. Put in the next load and my children finally came out and gave my wife her Mother’s Day present. Now I had seen what she got, was my chance to get something. 

By the time the clotheslines were all replaced and three loads were out it was time for lunch, two tuna sandwiches, and a late lunch as well. After lunch, dealt with blogs and emails, and then cleaned up the gardens for the inspection. The golden cane palms in the corner of the back garden had dropped lots of fronds and flower stalks. This filled the ute and I also added the fly trap which needed emptying, and the used clothesline wire and an old fan. Then it was off to the tip.

Arrived at the tip and there was hardly any traffic. This was going to be a quick delivery. Drove around to the vegetation area and dropped off all the palm detritus and then emptied out the fly trap. It had fallen over in the back of the ute and in trying to pick up the trap got the stench on my hands. Emptied it out and quickly departed, with the stench quickly filling the car. I drove around to the metal drop point and dumped the clothesline wire and fan. 

Drove home and at home, got out the hose and washed the tray of the ute and went and washed my hands. The hand cleaner was nearly out so made the best of what was left. Once this was over, then went shopping. Could still small the vestige of the fly trap in the car. Arrived at the shops, went in and made the necessary purchases including a bunch of towers for the little woman, and hand cleaner.

Returned home and gave my wife the flowers, which she absolutely loved!! I then had afternoon tea and the sun was dropping so it was time to bring in the clothes. After bringing them in, a load of washing was complete to put into the dryer. So loaded the dryer and put the next load of washing in the washing machine. This continued through to bedtime. The dryer also warmed the house to a comfortable level, while I was outside ironing the clothes for the week, till it was too cool to iron!

Had dinner and then continued on with emails, blogs and some games before bed.

And that was Mother’s Day.

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