A good year – 2018 – day 131

After a really good nights sleep, woke and went to work with daughter no. 2, as she was off to TAFE. Arrived at South Bank station and due to being early, thought i’d meet my lunch buddy there to walk to work. Stood at the station in the cold, blustery wind for a while and received no message, so decided to walk to work .

Arrived at wok and lunch buddy was there already. Had caught an earlier train and could not understand my cryptic message…  This day at work I professed my knowledge of Queensland Geography. The requirement was to identify which towns were to be included in nominated regions. 

At lunch another walk and the numbers are growing. Due to my lunch buddy’s need for a short lunch to go home early, she didn’t join us.

The walk this time was 1.95 km with a faster pace. 

Lunchtime walk 180511


As work was coming to a finish for me, I asked my lunch buddy when she would be ready to leave. Replied with “five minutes” and I said, “OK! I can finish the last task and then finish for the day.” The task took me fifteen minutes, and then I shut down. My lunch buddy was still working. This is her… always allow extra time as she takes care of things before leaving.. Her boyfriend warned me…

Finally we left and walked to South Bank Station. After she met her train, and saying goodbyes, I made my way to my train. 

I boarded me train and shortly after received a text, “Sorry about the pace to the station.”

I replied, “Sorry about the pace, I didn’t even raise a sweat.”

She replied, “Thats a challenge!”

I said, “You’re on sister!!”

The reply, “:)”.

See how this progresses….

Arrived home and had a quiet night before going to bed. 

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