A good year – 2018 – day 125

Rose early for the big day… 

Due to time to be in Beenleigh, there is no bus to the station, so determined to leave at 5.00am to give me 50 minutes to walk, even though it should only take 35 minutes. 

Had breakfast, my medication, and then collected my things, including a change of clothes, some nibbles and a thermos of coffee.

Once loaded up it was 5.20 am … Good grief! Will need to step it up now!!!  Can I get there in just under 30 minutes? Will have to try!

Off I headed, it was still dark so the planned route was modified for street lighting. I was not planning on going along the backtracks in no light. Once my body was in walking mode, stepped up the pace and was making good headway. I felt like the Lord has parted the way for me as all traffic lights android crossings were clear for me to make a beeline for the station. As I was on the final approach to the station, in came the train. Too far to get it in time. Thank goodness, I had a contingency that the next train would be sufficient. So I ventured onto the station and sat down for the half-hour wait to the next train! If I continue this as a regular Saturday commute in summer having to go an hour earlier could be a different ballgame!  cross that bridge when you get to it Gavvy!!!

While at the station, opened up the laptop – only 10% charge, What?? It had been plugged in all night to make sure it was charged for the day and provide a charging station for the phone. Looked at my phone – only 50% charge. I had plugged it into the laptop unpin rising from bed, but because the laptop was not charging, was preserving much of the charge for itself. Oh well, have to see how I go!

Arrived at Central Station and had 20 minutes to wait for the train to Beenleigh, and so used the opportunity to change into the Church-going outfit.  Once changed, it was 5 minutes to the train, so went to the platform and waited. I tried to have a cup of coffee but it was too hot still to drink there and then. Not long after the train arrived and I boarded and settled in and reflect on my expectations for the day. I also started to read “A Man After God’s Own Heart” by Jim George.

The first couple of pages of the book reflected my life. I am definitely doing the right thing. 

At Loganlea station, sent the message to say I was there and would be in Beenleigh shortly. Were being waited for on the ramp.

At Beenleigh, touched off and the two-hour train trip cost $2.42! Woohoo!

So then it was in the car and off to Kingscliff. In the 50 minutes trip, many subjects were discussed and the atmosphere calmed me down more. On arrival at the church in Kingscliff, I took in the environment and there was nothing to worry about. I was welcomed warmly and proceeded inside in joined in a study group looking at Sanctuary. I eagerly took part and enjoyed it and my contributions were well received and opened a discussion.  I was also given the “Sabbath School” app for further reading.

After the study group was the main sermon where the visiting pastor took us on a journey of the prophecy of Revelation 13 and the related chapters of Daniel and how it applied to the crumbling of the Soviet Union from Ronald Reagan creating an embassy in the Vatican to the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. The events that transpired could be seen from these books of the Bible. The sermon took me back to my days in the Royal Australian Navy in the middle of the Cold War. 

During the sermon, I received a text from Sue as to where I was. I replied “at Church” and all that could be sent before the phone battery died.

After the sermon made our way back to Beenleigh and had a snack for lunch and then was dropped off at the station. When I arrived at Roma Street station made a beeline for a phone charger vending machine to get the phone charged and also change into more comfortable clothes.

By the time I arrived at Rothwell Station, it was getting on 4.40 pm, a long day and my wife was in tears due to the lack of communication because I had no power for my phone.  he thought I had run from her but was all right in the end, especially with a feed of Chinese takeaway.

Not long after went to bed to ready for the bushwalk in the morning, with a 90-minute drive to the start.  so another good night’s sleep was on the cards.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

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