A good year – 2018 – day 124

As I was getting ready for work, the past week was in my thoughts. Am I ready for the next step? Should I actually progress the next step? My timidity was kicking in, mixed with a bit of anxiety. When I get to work will discuss with the one person who has an impact on the decision.

At work, it was really under the pump, as I had left work late to try to finish the tasks, the night before and left work with them not complete, it was time to get in front of this. 

Speaking to the lunch buddy I realised that the venture next day was highly possible as long as I got enough sleep, or slept on the train for the two-hour journey. This journey would prove to me its worth so no more thoughts…I will do it!!

Continued through the work day and this time was on my own for a walk in town. My lunch buddy has a short lunch on Fridays to get home early. 

Left work with the lunch buddy and went to South Bank Station and made final arrangements for the next day.

At home went through the times for the morning and readied the clothes, both for travelling and for the Church. Went to bed relatively early.  I felt so content in my decision that I slept well.

You loved me before the creation of the world” – John 17:24

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