A good year – 2018 – day 123

Another good night’s sleep.  What is going on. Am I finally content with the way things are? Am I finally living the life I should be, and not what I thought was the right way to live?  Need to research this.

Another usual day at the office, and a great lunchtime walk in the Botanic Gardens. The conversation during this walk was really becoming meaningful to me and I could feel a great presence and steering to return to His arms. 

As it was Thursday, I thought I would go and find the Koorong Bookshop, buried in a back street of Woolloongabba. So joined my lunch buddy to walk to South Bank Station and then catch the train to Park Road Station. From there I let Apple Maps guide me to the store. I was easy to find and I spent some time in there to familiarise myself again with the literature and accessories available. Once finished, used Apple Maps for the return and instead of doing a loop to pass over Ipswich Road, noticed a stairwell leading to the same bridge.  This cut 5 minutes off the walk.

Caught my train home and thought about the day.

Went to bed and fell asleep straight away. Woke with a start after two hours and needed a distraction to get back to sleep, which eventually happened.

It troubled me deeply till I entered the sanctuary of God” – Psalm 73:16-17

[At the time I did not know this passage had some bearing on the lead up to later events.]

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