A good year – 2018 – day 120

Today I rose late due to working from home so I could visit the psychologist.  The usual work day with some big wins. Boy, I am smashing this now. 

At the psychologist, he is impressed with my recovery using his tools. He doesn’t need further consultations unless I need them, that’s two visits up my sleeve.  I attribute this to listening to what he said and taking it onboard and not being defensive about any of the strategies explored. I am feeling so positive. Now need to make sure I don’t regress in the next couple of weeks as part of the recovery.

Once I finished work, I gurneyed out the bins and my bushwalking boots as they were covered in mud from Kondalilla Falls.  

I then settled in for the night with research into anxiety, based on the Holy Bible.

Anxiety is a result of haste and there is no need for haste. Not giving attention to detail has been my undoing. 

I went to bed in peace.

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