A good year – 2018 – day 119

A rest day after the hectic day the week before. I am feeling empowered now I have had a chance to review the previous day’s activities.

I am truly blessed that I can mingle with people, and give as much information to them as possible, and in a way they understand. 

The main goal for the day was to catch up on the washing (dishes and laundry!) and build models of the bushwalking landscape regarding clubs and where the new club would fit if it came into existence and how it would be a benefit to the rest of the clubs. The options:

  1. Of course, the status quo position, do nothing. 
  2. Get clubs to recruit people with no bushwalking experience at all.
  3. BWQ running training walks catering for the incapacitated and families of small children. 
  4. Formation of a new club catering for those people not considered bushwalkers.

Option 1 is the least favourable as clubs are declining with the injection of new blood is difficult. Why join a club when I can walk myself where these clubs go and there is no cost? Clubs have their benefits but these cannot be perceived by the general population unless they are avid bushwalkers and take the choice to join a club.

Option 2 is not favourable as it will cut into well-established club procedures. Clubs require people be of proficiency with regards to bushwalking to reduce the chance of problems on a walk. 

Option 3 is feasible if there are enough willing people to lead the walks and be prepared to educate them in all matters about bushwalking. Also, Bushwalking Queensland Inc. needs to ensure it has the correct insurance cover.

Option 4 is the best option. A club is formed and can set up its own systems, including:

  • membership requirements, 
  • risk management assessment, 
  • establish its own risk appetite, 
  • walk criteria
  • policies and procedures
  • fitting in with anti-discrimination legislation

Now to put together things to get the club off the ground!

Another thing was the drive (or push) I am feeling to start going to church again. Next weekend is presenting a great chance. I don’t even feel nervous about it.  Need to pray to get answers.

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