A good year – 2018 – day 116

Another good sleep! 

Interesting dream I had… Seems that God had been talking to me!… The dream contained nearly every woman I had ever contact with, and their different actions in my presence. The general theme was which situation was adulterous behaviour and which was not, and where the boundary for me existed. It revealed to me some special relationships that have been built and their positioning. This removed my reluctance in the way I was treating some of these relationships, as I was unsure of the direction they should go.

Woke with time to visit the doctor and get that side of myself sorted. The doctor reckoned the past week could have been attributed to being too soon to start reducing the current medication. So back to two a day of Lovan and see how I travel.

Once the doctor’s visit was over, it was time to get on a train to Ipswich and travel the 2 hours to meet the Ipswich Hospital Foundation regarding fundraising ventures. The relationship is very positive and has given me drive again to make sure the BVRT Trek 4 DQ goes without a hitch.  The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) is such a unique piece of Queensland history, that it has my interest and I will do whatever it takes to keep it a great multi-user facility.

After the meeting went and had lunch at Subway, and then winged it home. After 2 hours and the train and 10 minutes in the bus made it home, high in spirits. There is a change in the wind for sure. Boy, do I feel alive.

Went to bed fairly early again and enjoyed getting to sleep quickly.

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