A good year – 2018 – day 112

Woke early to get myself ready for a bushwalk and was picked up at 6.40am. Arrived at Kondalilla Falls Car Park at 7.50am and the rest of the group arrived. The 5 of us then took two vehicles to the start of the walk at the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk trailhead at Baroon Pocket Dam. Started the walk with the track paralleling Obi Obi Creek. The track gradually rose to The Narrows Lookout, with a vista over the Narrows, a gorge cut by Obi Obi Creek. The side gullies were running well. 


From there the track gradually rose to Baroon Lookout, with great views up and down the Obi Obi Creek valley including Baroon Pocket Dam. The track then descended to Obi Obi Creek via a series of switchbacks. The track then gradually rose to Little Obi Hump then descended to Flat Rock, a rock platform on Obi Obi Creek on a lovely tranquil section of Obi Obi Creek.


From Flat Rock, the track continued along Obi Obi Creek, before ascending a ridge and entering Skene’s Creek valley, and following along Skene’s Creek. This gradual rise in the track gained altitude to Kondalilla Falls. As the track neared the falls, the junction with the Kondalilla Falls Circuit was met and a left turn was made. This took the walkers to the base of the falls for a fantastic view. The rack then continued to ascend to the top with various views of the falls from the different heights. The rock pools at the top were reached and after a quick dip the final leg to the picnic area and car park was completed. The other cars were then taken to Baroon Pocket Dam for a lunch break, and then head home.


Once home it was put the gear away, and scrub the boots. 

Then it was time for a shower and then sit down and contemplate the next actions to be taken.

I turned to Bible Study, leading from the reading about Haste and how to find peace. I then went to be early and wondered how much sleep I will get.

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