A good year – 2018 – day 109

Looking forward to today. Have a “Communication in the Workplace” Course to attend with my lunch buddy and another colleague.

Went out to the car and the battery was fully charged. I turned the key in the ignition and it started well. A new battery later today! Woo-hoo!!

Was ready in no time for the big day.  

Arrived at work, collected my gear and the three of us made our way to the Training Room.

The course covered such topics as:

  • Communication consists of 7% verbal, 38% vocal, and 55% visual
  • Perceptual positions – self, in other’s shoes, and “fly-on-the-wall”. 
  • Fight or flight and stress and the impact on communication
  • “Johari Window” and how to open the window
  • “Ladder of inference” and how to communicate to another person by bringing them down their ladder to reduce the bias from their lives and experiences which dictate what information will be accepted.
  • Introvert/extrovert – how communication between these types needs tailoring
  • Assertive Scripting – composing communication to initiate communication using:
    • Explanation – describe the situation/issue
    • Feelings – acknowledging the feelings of others, and own feelings about the issue
    • Needs – acknowledging each others needs to come to a consensus
    • Consequences – what will happen if the behaviour continues
  • There were interesting exercises to illustrate points and my take-away from it was the assertive scripting and the “Johari window”.

Once the course was finished it was time for lunch. I had forgotten my lunch, but my lunch buddy offered me some of her lunch. As we were preparing lunch, my lunch buddy received a phone call. 

She had previously that day expressed her feelings for her sick cat and I did my best to comfort her with the thoughts of the possible consequences considering her description of the dire situation the cat was in, and I suspect the phone call was an update.  She finished her call and was holding back tears as she advised that the cat, “Gemma” had been put down by the vets it was going to be expensive to maintain its quality of life and that may fail in the long run. I comforted her as much as I could, and could feel myself taking on some of her grief. 

After lunch, she went to her desk and I could see her distress and grief and suggested she head home to be with family. She said she would be right as work would distract her. I said that would not help, because her work will be affected and the process of grieving will be a lot stronger when she finally did get home to her family.

She finally was convinced and made her way out, I accompanied her out of the building to see she would be alright. 

I then returned to work and advised the manager and our other lunch counterpart of the outcome.

We then had the programmed team meeting and I was not with it. I was emotionally drained and at the end of the meeting went back to my desk, grabbed a coffee and went into “screensaver” mode.  When 4.00pm came around I decided I had enough and finished up and left.

I arrived home early, after a tough commute thinking and de-briefing myself about the day, and trying to get some normality.

At home, my mind turned to the next problem. Had to go get a new battery for the car.  It had lasted two years past its warrantied time, so that was not too bad. My mate turned up and we made our way to SuperCheap Auto and purchased a new battery. I received a $50 discount for the purchase being a member so the bank wasn’t stretched that much!

Upon arrival back home, placed the battery in front of the car and decided it was too late and dark to change over. So that was it, lights out, back to TV and catch up on a week’s worth of blogging. This blogging is a great therapy for me when I have the time. 

Later I was so tired from the emotional drain went to bed early.

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