A good year – 2018 – day 108

Work from home day.  Good thing to sort out this car.

Had breakfast then prepared for work. 

The usual day for work. My back was not happy being in the house chair. Maybe have to rescind the arrangement to work from home.

At lunch went into the shed and pull out the two battery chargers. Mine has a battery condition tester on it, while my fathers-in-law didn’t. I knew which one to use on the car battery. Once hooked up the battery charger showed the battery was in poor condition. Turned it on and decided to leave it until morning to see the state. One thing I noticed was a fuse block covered the inspection window on the battery so could not determine its state that way either.

Once I had finished work, I then tried to contact a friend to go and purchase a new battery but to no avail, until it was too late to go out to get one, so arrangements made to collect it the next day.

Finished the night with a hearty meal and yoghurt and then more correspondence then bed…

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