A good year – 2018 – day 104

Woke early and having joined in the Prime Ministers 1,000,000 step walk, decided it as high time to put the feet on the ground. I walked from home, behind the football fields and across to the end of Webster Road. From there followed the bike track along Freshwater Creek, then a bush track to come out onto a street, which lead to McGahey Street. I then walked to Hubner Drive and passed Rothwell shops along Morris Road, then crossed Deception Bay Road and continued on Morris Road to the first street on the left. I walked down this street to the bikeway along the shoreline.

I followed this bikeway along the waterfront of Deception Bay to the ex-DPI Fisheries Centre. I then went along Joseph Crescent, and then onto Bancroft Terrace and continued to Rainbow Street. Rainbow Street was followed to its junction on Thompson Street, and a right turn was made onto Thompson Street. Thompson Street was followed to the roundabout at the junction with Waroo Drive, and Waroo Drive followed to Deception Bay Road.

A left turn was made on Deception Bay Road and then a right turn on Lipscombe Road. Lipscombe Road was followed along past the Moreton Downs State School to the bike track along Freshwater Creek. The bike track was followed to the rear of the football grounds and then went home.  Total distance 14.7 km and 18,548 steps added to the tally. 

That afternoon, ventured to the Deception Bay Conservation Park Bushcare site and proceeded to remove callisia, broad-leaved pepper, and balsam-pear. A fair bit of work seems to have been done removing larger trees, and the area is looking quite good.

Went home and had a much-needed shower to get rid of the sweat and mangrove mud.

I then settled to an afternoon and evening of Commonwealth Games.

Wasn’t long before the day overcame me and I went to bed.

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