A good year – 2018 – day 100

I arose and did my exercises as recommended by the physiotherapist. 

  1. Lie on back, bring knees up together and rock side to side for 15 reps.
  2. Lying on back, legs straight out. Bring left knee up to the chest and hold the knee with both hands for 15 seconds. Relax and drop the leg out and repeat with the right knee. Then bring up both knees and hold for 15 seconds. Two reps in total.
  3. Cow cat yoga position – on all fours on the floor arch the back into the cow position then reverse the arch into the cat position. 5 reps.


Then get ready for work!

Today was a busy day as more data queries were required and data validation to be completed. Other files came my way and were promptly dealt with.

Arrived home later with glee – pay in the morning. So I went through all the bills to be paid this fortnight.

Poring through Facebook and I see the link to the Prime Ministers 1,000,000 steps by 11 August 2018, through the Heart Foundation. Why not. Downloaded the app and off I go.

PM 1000000 steps


Then to bed and more exercises and off to sleep.

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