A good year – 2018 – day 98

The weather is finally in my favour. Need to mow the lawn and trim trees and remove other trees blocking light for the better-looking ones. 

How do I attack this?

See as I am going to deliver the cuttings to the tip, I might as well include the grass clippings in the load as well.  I had edged and mowed the front lawn last evening, so the grass clippings were already in the bin. 

Step 1 – took the ute out the front and covered the ute well in shade cloth. 

Step 2 – mowed the section of the backyard that was not going to get bits of plant material as I brought down those plants. I emptied the grass clippings into the ute. 

Step 3 – start cutting down the Murraya. This plant was easy to cut down and electric hedge trimmers helped reduced the size of the branches to go into the ute. After downing two thirds to 1 metre off the ground, the ute was full. 

Step 4 – Drove to the tip and unbelievably, drove straight to the weighbridge and showed my licence. I was then on my way to the green waste tip face. Emptied the ute, and drove out. At the entrance, the queue to go in had grown to the entry gate about 150m from the weighbridge. Somebody is looking after me!

Step 5 – Arrived home and prepared the ute for the next load. Mowed another section of the backyard and edged the concrete and put these clippings in the ute. 

Step 6 – Removed the rest of the Murraya then removed an ugly tree next door to it. The frangipani now had tons of light and another tree that had come up could also thrive with the extra light. All these pieces of the tree were placed in the ute and made the next load. 

Step 7 – Repeat trip to the tip and this time two vehicles were queued at the weighbridge. Went through in turn and dumped the load and upon coming out the queue again was long. Thank you!

Step 8 – Mowed the rest of the lawn and cleaned up the fallen plant material and placed it and the grass clippings into the ute, which had again been prepared for the next tip run.

Step 9 – Went out the front and trimmed down another ugly plant and filled the ute. 

Step 10 – this time my wife needed to go shopping, so she joined me for the tip run. This time four cars were lined up and it took no time to get into the tip and dump this load. Upon coming out, again the line had grown too as much as the previous trips. He is really looking after me!

So off shopping and bought the essentials, all in our tip clothes!! 

Returned home and cleaned up the equipment and took a big rest. This had taken it out of me today!

The rest of the day was resting on my laurels and answering emails, Messenger, etc. before going to bed. There was a slight interruption as a lorikeet and magpie danced together on the back lawn. Never seen this behaviour before, but prior to this was a commotion between Indian Mynas, magpies, butcherbirds, and a lorikeet in another tree!

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