A good year – 2018 – day 97

A day to myself…or so it seemed.

As yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 14th birthday, we thought we had better go and see her maternal grandmother. So got our gear together and drove to Mount Gravatt, taking a detour to Red Hill to collect a BVRT Trek 4 DQ registration form and money.

Due to being lunch a stop off was made at Red Rooster to collect lunch, then onward to “Nannies”.

Had lunch and after a rest, my second daughter wanted to go shopping in the Op Shops – Salvo’s and Vinnies.  I took the fallen cabinet down to the car and she and I then head off Op-Shop shopping. While in these establishments, I started to think of things to see if I can get a bargain. I remembered that I needed a new pair of pants for work, so hunted some down. I tried on three pairs and the last pair fitted me well, and they were the cheapest at $2.00. I then decided a new shirt was also on the cards and found one for $5.00. So I am fully decked out in new clothes for work for the princely sum of $7.00.  

Returning to “Nannie’s” found her going through stuff. She then asked me to get a large container from the top shelf of her wardrobe. I retrieved said box and from it was produced a die-cast Holden Monaro. It was coming home with us. The intricate detail of this car was extraordinary!

After a short time, it was time to go so we made tracks back home.

Once home settled to a quiet evening sitting on my laptop catching up on my blog and answering emails.

Later, I decided to watch the days highlights for the Commonwealth Games and then watched some programs about AI and its effects in the future and how to future-proof jobs. I went to bed late but tomorrow is another lay-day so it didn’t matter.

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