A good year – 2018 – day 96

Youngest daughters fourteenth birthday!

Woke early…What the hell for? I have my physiotherapist appointment at 10.30! Geez!

So I arose, had breakfast and my usual morning routine. I prepared for the appointment and did some chores around the home. I put out a load of washing in the machine.

It was then time to visit the physiotherapist. I  went in and talked about what I had been up to since the last visit and had I been keeping up the exercises. I said that I had tried hard, but my back was feeling a lot better. 

Up onto the table, I slowly climbed as instructed and lay face down. The physiotherapist adjusted my clothes for the back rub and then said, “My God! What did you do?” I said, “What!” She said, “Can I take a photo?” She handed me my hone and I unlocked it then she took the photo! I saw the result and became embarrassed. My fall in the creek two weeks ago had done some more damage than I was aware!  


So she proceeded to massage the areas that needed attention and noted the back had improved, albeit the right buttock was tense, possibly compensating for the left one not working so well with the bruise!

After the massage, we then discussed moving forward, and I agreed to keep up the regime. I also mentioned that at work, there was a chance that I would be moved to an electric adjustable desk and she that would be ideal, so I am not sitting all the time, but able to change my posture quite a lot.

So I left feeling very positive about the outcome and went home. I took the load of washing out of the machine and hung it out, then put another in for washing.

Once I got home I realised that I needed some supplies, so out I went again and retrieved them and when I arrived home, the washing machine had finished so I hung that load out. The first load had dried so it was brought in.

I pottered around the home for the rest of the day when a large black cloud came in from the east. I gathered the nearly dry washing and hung it under the back patio and then the rain poured. Phew! 

I then put another load into the machine.  

I then started watching the Commonwealth Games events, and later that evening remembered the washing in the machine. Too late now I will deal with it in the morning!

When the Commonwealth Games events had finished and Australia had collected a swag of gold medals I went to bed and slept!

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