A good year – 2018 – day 95

Well, that was a short sleep!

Late to bed and slept for three hours before waking bright as a button. Due to the time was I thought I might as well make the most of it and get ready for work.  Most of the news that morning was about the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, so I was not really distracted to get ready. 

So off to work. 

Get there and my supervisor was on a day off.  I saw the manager and arranged for the next day off due to physiotherapy appointment and he reminded me to get HR to do a workplace assessment. I said I was going to discuss this with my physiotherapist to see her thoughts. He agreed and I would pursue this on Monday. 

So I picked up where I had left off and continued through the day, tightening loose ends. 

At lunch, the discussion continued about weddings and I was asked to repeat my story as my lunch buddy had confused the story to her boyfriend and consequently couldn’t understand it. When I re-told the story, the penny dropped and she that maybe that idea could be inappropriate as she didn’t know the bride and groom that much!

The rest of the day continued on and then the day finished.

At home, I went through all the physiotherapist went with me to make sure ai was doing my best for my lower back.

I caught up on administration work and dabbled in planning as I could see a way forward in my reticence to get this underway.

I then watched some Commonwealth Games events and celebrated Australia’s Gold Medals as they were handed out. This is good. The night’s events finished and so was I so bed, exercises, and games and fall asleep…

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