A good year – 2018 – day 94

Another day at work although a short one. I had a meeting to attend later in the day as a wash up for the Happy Feet Bushwalk. So into work and deal with some outstanding files discovered in reviewing the work status of files. Those were sorted out promptly. Then I started to have a good look at a task to prepare myself and get familiar with it.

I decided it was time to understand some of the SQL scripting and what the scripts actually do. I also learnt about some inadequacies of SQL, but only would encounter them rarely. 

Once I had my head around it I commenced my new main task and was chuffed at the end of the day that it had worked. So I put in the submission to review and looked at the next phase.

It was time to finish work, but due to the rain outside, decided to have lunch then depart. At lunch was much humous as I discussed the protocols of being a guest at a wedding, and making sure you didn’t stand out! I then reminisced about my wedding where after my Best Man’s speech, my second brother stood up and said, “I guess I don’t need this anymore!” and produced a key and promptly placed it on the table in front of my bride. A plethora of other men then delivered a key each to the table and placed it in front of my bride… very funny and brought howls of laughter!

Once lunch was over, I headed off to my meeting, calling into the Post Office on the way through to check the Bushwalking Queensland Post Box. Well, the thought was there, pity my key wasn’t on me. Oh well! next time…

I made my way to Roma Street Station and sat in the food hall and checked emails, etc. and prepared for the meeting.  It was then time to catch the train to Milton and make my way to Diabetes Queensland for the meeting.

The meeting was very productive and gave me some thought about moving forward. I left with the main thought of where to hold the fundraiser in November. This is going to take some finding.

So, headed home and when I arrived, I missed the bus so was picked up. 

At home, turned my mind to the current state of play, then realised that the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony was about to start. 

So sat down and watched one of the best opening ceremonies I had seen for quite a long time. It had me watching till the end at 11.30pm, way past my usual bedtime.

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