A good year – 2018 – day 93

First day at work for the week. As I am readying myself at home, I am wondering what the day will have in store for me. 

I catch the bus. It arrives early at the station, enabling me to get to work 15 minutes earlier! 

I get into work, and what do I find out? I have training that morning and no time for a now at work coffee. Off to training, I go and eagerly participate. I also find out that the First Aid Certificate I hold needs to be declared due to change in work policy. Right, I will sort that out!

Return from training, and then go to a team meeting. Many issues are covered, but we can now see a way forward. I am heartened.

Then its on to catch up on tasks and new ones that came in over Easter. 

This took the rest of the day and then went home. 

At home, had a restful evening, thinking how everything is falling into place, and my thoughts of retiring  4 years early have been extinguished (for the time being!!) 

Into bed, do the exercises and play some games…

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