A good year – 2018 – day 92 – Easter Monday

Woke at home in my comfortable bed. My lower back felt great. Pity the rest of me was out of sorts. 

I had breakfast and felt nauseous. I was still thirsty, and having trouble slaking my thirst. The cup of coffee exacerbated this due to its dehydrating properties. A then reviewed my activities over the past few days and how I was feeling. It was definitely heatstroke I was suffering. This could take a couple of days to recover. So today was rest and recuperate. 

And that is what I did apart from chores around the home, washing dishes and clothes, preparing my clothes for the work week. I received a message from Jimna Base Camp that a large shower of rain had gone through the camp as everyone was packing up!! Glad I had come home a day early!

So a quiet day to catch up on everything and try and get my head into the planning state and get my to-dos in an orderly fashion. My head is cluttered at the moment and needs a download as I remember everything I need to do and trying to decide its order of priority and if it is part of a process involving other steps.

So after a restful day, and sorting out my thoughts, it was time for bed and be ready for a workday.  I then remembered to do my leg stretches and holds for my back as instructed by the physiotherapist, so did them and fell asleep promptly.

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