A good year – 2018 – day 91 – Easter Sunday

Once again woke to a great cacophony of birds enjoying the lovely cloudy morning with a slight chance of a shower, but looking like a great day.

Had breakfast and a couple of fellow campers made for their departure to get home and go back to work. Being a caravanner myself, gave them pointers about their towing set up which was very much appreciated. 

After they departed, prepared for the walk today.

This walk is described at https://glasshousebw.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/easter-sunday-cockalorum-creek-road/

Driving to Cockalorum Creek Road, Sunday Creek Road was quiet. Once arriving at Cockalorum Creek Road junction with Sunday Creek Road, started walking with eagerness for the unknown today. We were going to follow a track marked on the map, but not known if it exists. I couldn’t be found where it meets Peters Road, but the approach from this may prove fruitful. After walking down Cockalorum Creek Road for 2km came to a track junction, but this was soon found to be a continuation of Cockalorum Creek Road, just a detour around a fallen tree.

At this point, it was discovered that we had indeed passed the junction. So we walked back to the area and noticed an opening in the trees. A walk through the grassy undergrowth, and eventually benching and cutting was found…the track. This was followed for about a few hundred metres before the vestige of the track disappeared as we reached the summit of a knoll on the ridge we were following. Obviously, the track has descended from this point as the map showed it crossed a steep gully.

We continued making our way through the undergrowth down the ridge until the error was found and a move to the left finally found the benching and cutting. It was decided at this point to declare the track a “no-go” and return to the car. Following the track back up the hill was a real chore and it had a deep rut, with plenty of water flowing in it. Pig diggings were spotted and the way had thicker undergrowth and slippery in the ruts. Eventually, the ridge was gained and the route in was crossed and Cockalorum Creek Road found. The walk back to the car was still a chore as the energy had been sapped from me. I still felt like yesterday… I think I have got heatstroke. The symptoms are pointing to it. I was already drinking plenty of water.

Upon return to camp, it was decided to have an afternoon rest as the football was on and my mate wanted to listen to the Broncos playing. I did a search of the NRL website and found the Broncos were playing at Suncorp at 6.30pm.

As we had done our walk program, we headed home so my mate could go and watch the football. 

Once home, arrived at my mate’s place and unloaded his gear, and he had a shower and changed for the game. He then drove to Rothwell Station to catch the football special, and I drove his car home to unload my gear. I arrived home and rested. After dinner, I waited for contact from my mate to pick him up and take him to my home, so he could then take the car home and finish unpacking his gear.

Once home it was time for a good sleep, and reflect on such a good Easter. It was also great to be back home with the family.

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