A good year – 2018 – day 90 – Easter Saturday

Woke to a great morning, kookaburras laughing, bellbirds calling, cockatoos screeching, mixed with the calls of various finches, warblers, wagtails, currawongs, peewees, and butcherbirds. What a cacophony! But great to hear. 

Had breakfast and then prepared for the day’s walks. It was humid again, but less chance of heavy showers. The first walk involved driving to a bee site on Bellthorpe Road. The walk is described at https://glasshousebw.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/easter-sunday-2018-j-traverse/

Once again I sweated profusely on this walk and managed to keep up the pace generally, although, in the extended ascents, I was slowed down. The scenery was beautiful and the walk was a definite for the Pilgrimage 2018.

Finished the walk and returned to camp for lunch. I started drinking copious amounts of water but felt great.

That afternoon walked the second walk previously described at https://glasshousebw.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/easter-sunday-2018-j-traverse/.

Upon return from that walk, I was so thirsty and drained, I just thought it was due to the gruelling walk. 

Had dinner and moved my technology to a power point to charge the phone and my smartwatch stopped working. I had forgotten the USB cable for it! Drat!

Sat around the fire and had much mirth. The owner of the Jimna Base Camp arrived for a chat and took a photo of our well-appointed fireplace with veggies in the camp oven, bacon on the grill and a campfire kettle on the boil.  A great photo was taken and posted on Facebook.

With a bottle of wine under my belt followed by a shot of Southern Comfort, everyone went to bed and I went to my technology to catch up on emails etc. 

When I finished this, off to bed and crashed.

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