A good year – 2018 – day 89 – Good Friday

The day started with collecting my camping gear ready for another Easter adventure.

Once my ride had arrived and the gear was piled into the car, we made our way to Jimna. This was going to be an epic Easter, I can feel it. We were headed west and as we crossed the car park that was the Bruce Highway. After gaining the D’Aguilar Highway, the chance was taken to stop at the Woodford IGA to get needed supplies. On the road again, and the decision was made to top up with fuel in Kilcoy. Once topped up, my driver remembered he needed to get canisters for his stove. Luckily there was an IGA in Kilcoy. After checking everything needed was packed, it then continued on to Jimna and Jimna Base Camp. 

Once camp was set up, it was time to get ready for the next walk. The walk description is on the club blog here.

Even though it was only an 8 km walk Good Friday Walk, I was sweating profusely and starting to drink a lot, my urine was a good colour. The weather was cloudy with high humidity. Maybe just that causing the discomfort. 

After the walk changed clothes and settled down to fivesies with a lovely campfire. A bit of wine, chicken noodle soup, and baked spuds and carrots. What a meal!! After a bit of campfire mirth, went to bed, with my air bed half deflated. Quick couple of breaths and it was full again. 

Didn’t take long till I fell asleep… although woke twice during the night…with my bed going down.

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