A good year – 2018 – day 88

A day of big wins…could it be that it is Holy Week and all my good work is paying off! I believe it!

Still undecided about what to do over Easter…


  1. camping at Jimna 
  2. staying at home with the family
  3. day drives to Jimna to join the walks
  4. have a restful Easter 
  5. join the Friends of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail on Easter Monday and complete building the garden
  6. become a bum


The last choice is definitely out. Choices 2, 3, and 4 are highly unlikely to happen. This leaves choices 1 and 5.  Something’s gotta give. I am being relied on for both these important events. 

Camping at Jimna to allow for further walk reconnaissance for the upcoming Bushwalkers Pilgrimage.

Complete building the garden on the BVRT, another urgent job.

While pondering the plans, I receive a text message. “Pick up at 10am tomorrow?” 

That’s my mind made up. I get transport to and from the camp at Jimna.  Bushwalking here I come…

I will go to BVRT the following weekend and assist with tidying up if issues are struck on Monday!

So it was finding the gear for the camp. Nah! I will wait until morning. Plenty of time for that.

Good night.

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