A good year – 2018 – day 86

I had a poor night’s sleep…Why?

All the exercises the physiotherapist have given me to do are causing me much discomfort. But as with anything with pain, the body is righting itself. So I will persevere until the next appointment and see if there is an improvement.

Another work day, and just a run-of-the-mill day, it seems. Must update my tasks spreadsheet to see where I am at.

Due to my GoCard being out of money I have to rely on my wife’s GoCard to get back and forward to work, until payday!

At the station, the Station staff gave me two timetables due to the changes while the Commonwealth Games are on. The first timetable which covers 3rd to 4th April and again from 16th to 20th April, while the other timetable is for the period 5th April to 15th April. So we go one timetable for two days, then the other timetable for 11 days and then back to the first timetable for 5 days and then back to the normal timetable. Confused? I was initially, but having perused it properly and marked the affected trains, I only travel 3 minutes later in the morning and the usual train at night…

I arrived at Central Station and was finally spat out of the tunnel with the rest of the commuters and then progressed across Anzac Square to the tunnel under Adelaide Street, and into Post Office Square.From there up the steps or escalator depending on pedestrian traffic, across the crossing on Queen Street, outside the GPO and turn right.

I then turn left into MacArthur Chambers and pass Big W and come out on Edward Street. From here I am at the mercy of the traffic lights. If the lights are for pedestrians to cross Elizabeth Street, then I go with those lights and walk further down Edward Street. If the lights are due to stop the traffic on Edward Street, then I ready myself to cross Edward Street and walk down Elizabeth Street towards Albert Street.

In the case of me walking further down Edward Street. I then cross Edward Street to proceed down Charlotte Street towards Albert Street, and at Albert Street, either turn left down Albert Street towards Mary Street. If I happen to be walking down Queen Street towards Albert Street, I take whatever opportunity to cross Queen Street, and then on approaching Albert Street, turn left up a laneway which comes out on Charlotte Street near Albert Street and cross Charlotte Street to the same point as the previous mentioned.

From there it is a matter of crossing Albert Street, and continue to Mary Street, and either cross at the lights and continue on Albert Street to Margaret  Street, or turn right up Mary Street, and walk towards George Street. If I find myself on Albert Street, walking towards Margaret Street, then I turn right and walk up Margaret Street to George Street. If I am walking up Mary Street, then I walk to George Street, turn left on George Street and walk to the intersection with Margaret Street. From this intersection, across the scramble lights to the eastern side of Margaret Street and then walk down to William Street and enter my building.

I usually meet my lunch buddy outside and after she has said her farewells to her boyfriend, we proceed inside to the lifts and to our desks.

This day, like I said, was a run-of-the-mill day.

At lunch, my lunch buddy and I had good mirth talking all things spiritual as it is leading up to Easter, and the dastardly pranks she would like to do to her sister’s bedroom, while the sister is away in Vanuatu.

After lunch, it was back to the grindstone and then finished work and headed home.

At home caught up on the social side of my life: emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then did my exercises and fell asleep.

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