A good year – 2018 – day 83

Got up really early this morning. It was the day of the Happy Feet Bushwalk 2018 fundraiser for Diabetes Qld.

Had a friend of mine’s car on loan so I could leave home when I wanted. This meant my plan of camping for the night was coming to fruition.

So at 5.00am, I drove off from home full of anticipation of a great day.  Well, that’s how it looked at home!

Drove out to the Bruce Highway and headed north. Hmm, the sky looks bleak in the direction I am heading. Might be just morning showers. Turned off the Bruce Highway at the Nambour/Bli Bli exit and drove into Nambour. The weather is pretty poor to the north now, and I am heading west. Might have dodged a bullet!.

Driving up towards Mapleton, the roads were getting wetter. Hopefully, it was just overnight rain. Drove into Mapleton and then out on Delicia Road. The road became gravel and was in superb condition. I drove to the Thilba Thalba Walkers Camp gate and waited. I had a good run so was earlier than expected. I have time to put up the signs at the road crossings. So I drove back and placed the signs out and when finished had some spare time. I was in two minds to go out and meet others coming in or go back and wait.

As I was making up my mind, a Diabetes Qld car went past…mind made up!! So I executed a U-turn and gave pursuit. Just as I was about to catch the car, it turned into the driveway of “Coolabine Ridge”. I greeted the person and made our way to the start car park.

At the car park, the table was set up with a tablecloth and two banners, with bags for the participants and bananas. Thank you, Brisbane Produce for the bananas, and Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse for the bags of goodies!

HFB18 Group 1 Start

Eventually, the participants arrived, plus three other group leaders. There were still three to turn up. After a while and being in a nearly dead zone, a message came through that the missing participants had ended up in Kenilworth and their GPS had directed them to the other end of the road which was a farm gate and house. After a few conversations, they turned up.

While waiting for them to arrive, I decided to send the rest off and get them going as they were getting anxious. Once the late arrivals had come, we ventured into the camp.The rest of the walk description is here.

After a very muddy, wet, walk, but spectacular waterfall seen, all were so worn out, that we bailed upon reaching Delicia Road. A car shuttle was arranged to convey all back to their cars.

A photo was taken of the end to show the look of the adventurous lot.

HFB18 Group Finish

After everyone had left I then made tracks to collect the signs, and due to the weather, drove home, to a nice dry bed and a warm shower. The clothes were thrown into the machine, and I hit the bed exhausted…the best way to feel!

Thanks to the leaders, the participants and Diabetes Qld for the great day!

Photos courtesy of Diabetes Qld.

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