A good year – 2018 – day 82

Woke this morning ready to face the physiotherapist. Turned up half an hour early, but I was eager. Once it was time to go in, I was full of confidence that this was going to work out.

After a quick chat centred on me, and what has brought me to this point, it was time to get checked out. Ripped off my sandals and up on to the table I climbed. The physiotherapist says,”Slow down! You might do more damage to your back!” I lay face down on the table and proceed to get a rub down on my lower back. It was feeling great at this point. When finished I was directed to slowly rise and sit on the bed.

So I rose at my usual hasty speed and was told off again. Took the seat again and went through the exercises to be done before getting out of bed, and upon retiring to bed. 15 side-to-side knee bends, followed by bringing each knee to the chest with the other leg straight and hold for 15 seconds. Then get on the floor and do a cat/cow yoga for 15-20 reps.

I left the physiotherapist and got in the car and went home!

My back was sore now. Had trouble walking. Hmm! Supposed to be treated! Gawd!!

Spent the rest of the day collecting the gear for the walk tomorrow and finalise some fundraising related stuff.


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