A good year – 2018 – day 81

Woke for another morning feeling out of the weather.  Wish the illness would pass or the cause of such illness be treated.

Stayed at the home to recover and gave me time to catch up on paperwork, review registrations and prepare for the Happy Feet Bushwalk 2018.

It gave me a chance to reflect (debrief myself) on the findings thus far as far as my illness is concerned.

Dislocated L5 vertebra, moved forward a couple of millimetres compared to the S1 it sits on. The sciatic nerve and other nerves for this area are susceptible to being pinched. The feedback mechanism from lower organs and sciatic nerve would be affected.by this, making me have the toileting issues I am encountering.

So this day of pondering, and trying to get my wife out of the dark place she was in made up the day.

It was also a good day to catch up on the paperwork of other projects related to my community involvement.

Need to go to the physiotherapist in the morning, so an early night was the go.

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