A good year – 2018 – day 80

Another bad night’s sleep, another day feeling lousy.

At least I get to see the doctor with the x-ray results today.

Continued on the with the work I had been working on and then as a distraction, searched for devotional- type daily messages. Found an app called “EncouragingBibleQuotes” and installed it. Interesting passages coming through.

I then found online a “BibleStudyTools” site which emails daily devotionals. Give this a go from tomorrow.

Worked through the registrations for the fundraising trek and found some errors. A couple of emails with prompt responses and all sorted.

Went to Officeworks and printed an NDSS extension form to access subsidised test strips to take to the doctor.

Had my usual lunch and then headed off to the doctors.

One look at the x-ray by the doctor and the cause was found, the L5 vertebra was not flush with the sacrum, but had slipped forward. The nerve from L5 was being pinched and this was giving me the kidney and bladder dysfunction, plus I suspect other bad feelings in the lower abdomen.

So now I have a cause for the way I feel, and on reflection, I now know why I can’t sit for too long at work. I will have to get a raised desk to work at, so I can sit and stand and alleviate the dislocation till an operation to correct this. A feeling of relief washed over me, but I discussed with the doctor the feelings of stress I was experiencing, and it was decided to refer me to a psychologist.

It is probably the tonic I need. Whether it is me mirroring my wife and daughter, with their depression and anxiety, or just the tide with my own depression, a visit to a psychologist would be good.

So I went home and discussed my condition with my wife and noticed the relief on her face. She was worried about me and the future if it went pear-shaped.

That night I went and had a good night’s sleep.

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